Do You Want a Stronger, Happier Marriage?

  • Do you feel lonely in your relationship?
  • Are you spending too much energy arguing or avoiding conflicts?
  • Do you wish for a way to rebuild trust and intimacy?

You Are Not Alone

Most couples experience distress and disconnection at some point in their marriage. When these problems persist or aren’t easily resolvable it can be painful and start to feel hopeless. Some couples even question whether their marriage can last.

The good news is that you don’t need to give up. Over the past 40 years, there has been significant scientific research into what creates long-lasting, happy, and secure marriages. There are essential tools that you can learn quickly to better communicate, feel happier, and more united as a couple.

You Don’t Need Months Of Therapy To Work This Out

I offer private, three-day couples counseling retreats that can help the two of you get the skilled help and missing tools that you need. I can help you apply the science of love to your relationship so that you can have a fulfilling, secure, and intimate connection, no matter what life throws your way.

Would you like help right now? Do you want to gain the tools and awareness needed for saving your marriage, without having to make time in your hectic schedule for weekly visits?

A Couples Counseling Retreat Can Repair Your Marriage

By dedicating three days to focus on your connection we can get to the heart of your marriage problems and work on healing the core issues in your relationship. On your brief, relaxing getaway, you can step out of your daily life stresses and into an environment that promotes relaxation and connection to make positive gains and significant progress.

The retreat setting, coupled with my clinical success in combining the very best of Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), creates a powerful healing experience. Once you understand the nature of your struggles and have the tools to overcome conflict and build connection, you can be better equipped to reproduce your success outside of my office.

My practice serves couples from around the Pacific Northwest, including many from Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellingham and beyond.

Common Problems Addressed in a Couples Retreat

  • Communication issues
  • Rebuilding trust after infidelity, betrayal, or addictions
  • Emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Chronic disconnection
  • Managing stress and work-life balance
  • Divisions about major decisions

A Welcome Alternative to 50-Minute Sessions

While working intensively may not be appropriate for every couple, there are benefits to my retreat format:

  • Easier to take three days completely off than leave work for an hour each week
  • May be scheduled during the week and over the weekend
  • Couples who are in crisis may stabilize and recover more quickly
  • More efficient for making immediate progress  
  • Allows you to schedule follow-up support as needed

What a Couples Retreat Looks Like

Sessions are held on beautiful Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, about 80 miles north of Seattle, Washington. My retreats are scheduled for three days and include 15-17 hours of focused, professional guidance to help you make progress right away.

The Retreat Experience Includes:

  • A free phone consultation prior to the retreat
  • Couples sessions
  • Individual sessions
  • Experiential learning, awareness, and growth
  • Tools and guides you can take with you
  • Breaks and time off together
  • A detailed written summary of your session
  • Recommendations and tips for staying on track
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance and support

My focus is on helping couples feel safe and supported in their goals, individually and in their relationship. I draw from over a decade of clinical experience working with hundreds of individuals and couples as well as my extensive training and success using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT),  Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).

I will help you build common ground by guiding you in sharing your experiences in ways that pull for your partner’s understanding and connection. I will also give you the tools to stop negative patterns at home and create a culture of emotional safety and connection in your marriage.

Different Options for Follow-up

I place a high priority on making sure that you have the proper support to maintain and continue your growth after your retreat is over. I recommend that all couples schedule a 1-hour check-in via Zoom for two weeks after the retreat. During your check-in, we will address any successes and concerns that may have come up after returning home, and I will give you feedback to stay on a positive track.

From there, we will decide on the best plan for moving forward, which may include:

  • Periodic Zoom sessions (usually every two weeks or once per month)
  • A follow-up mini couples retreat in the future, usually 3 to 6 months later
  • A referral to a local therapist and my support in helping you make a smooth transition
  • A combination of any of the above

FAQ About My Couples Retreat

We’ve been struggling for so long, why try?

It’s understandable that you may be tired, skeptical, and unhappy. However, I offer a unique form of highly skill-based and scientifically-driven interventions that have had tremendous success where other traditional models of therapy have failed. While it’s not possible to flip a switch in three days, my retreat has the power to buoy a sinking marriage. With your commitment and my support, it is possible to find happiness and intimacy again.

A three-day retreat sounds interesting but slightly intimidating, too.

It’s normal for couples to feel nervous when first participating in a couples therapy retreat. While understandable, I find that most couples shed any nervousness and apprehension within the first few minutes of our meeting. Additionally, because a marriage intensive does require emotional energy, I stay attuned to each person’s needs for breaks and downtime to decompress and not become over-saturated. At any time if you wish to slow the pace or take a timeout, that is absolutely your right. Your relationship is my client, and I will be here for you in whatever way helps you best.

Won’t this be expensive?

Consider this: How much is a lifetime of emotional security worth to you? What value do you place on your marriage? Learning how to save a failing relationship by preserving and strengthening the bond you have is an investment that can produce dividends for years and years to come. By investing in a couples therapy retreat, you have the potential to improve your partner’s happiness, your family’s cohesion, and your own emotional wellbeing.

Why not traditional couples counseling sessions?

Traditional therapy sessions typically run 50 minutes, which really doesn’t give anyone much time for deep exploration. It also creates the hassle of having to repeatedly free up your schedule or hire a babysitter.

My approach to couples counseling is a more efficient way of tackling large problems that need immediate solutions. By focusing all of your attention on the problem at hand in an environment free of distractions, you are ensuring that all of your energy is focused on creating true, sustainable change.

My Marriage Counseling Retreat Can Give You Hope Now.

If you are concerned for the wellbeing of your relationship, I can help. I invite you to call 360-878- 5693 or email to set up a free, phone consultation to see if my retreat is right for you.

*Couple photos by Adam Nash Photography, Lopez Island*