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Inside Passage Counseling provides a variety of trauma informed, evidence-based therapies for children, teens, adults, and couples.  

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Inside Passage Counseling Services

Inside Passage Relationship Counseling is a practice focused on providing the highest quality counseling services to individuals, couples, children, teens, and families. Our specialty focus is supporting healthy, healing relationships with one’s self (emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and body), and with one’s most important primary relationships (partner, spouse, child, parents, and family).

We Serve:

Adult Individuals

We’ll start by building a supportive working relationship so that you can feel safe to open up and explore your inner and outer world. Your therapist will give you suggestions for what to focus on in order to help you reach your goals, but you are ultimately in the driver’s seat in determining where we go in our sessions.

Couples and Marriages

Relationships are hard and you can’t always see your way through the storm. You need someone outside of your relationship, a professional, an experienced guide—who can help you get clearer on what’s happening and show you a way out of your struggles and into positive, new patterns.

Children, Teens
and Families

As parents, we want what’s best for our children and family. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the tools to know how to navigate the behaviors and emotions of our most precious people. Inside Passage Counseling can help children, teens, and families gain the skills and tools they need to regulate emotion, change patterns of thinking, process and heal from past events, develop healthier relationships with one another, and explore potential strategies for navigating  life’s challenges. 

Getting Started

Often the most important step you will ever take is the first one. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the assistance you need. Here is a step-by-step process to guide you knowing what to expect.

Step 1

Reaching out

When you reach out to Inside Passage Relationship Counseling you will receive a prompt response from our scheduling and intake coordinator, Chris (he/him).

Chris will gather information from you about your desired counseling service, your scheduling availability, and desired treatment format (telehealth or in-person) and work with you to schedule an initial session with your therapist of choice.

Step 2

Initial Sessions

We believe that therapy is most successful when the match between therapist and client is an optimal fit. We will schedule you for an initial session with a therapist that we believe will be a good fit for you, and the initial session is a way of meeting with your therapist to see if you feel comfortable with him/her, and whether your therapist’s skills and style will be the most successful approach to help you meet your goals. If your therapist and you believe working together will be a good fit, then Chris will work with you to schedule ongoing therapy sessions on a weekly or every other week basis. If working together is not the right fit, we can work with you to find a better match with another therapist at Inside Passage or outside of our practice.

Step 3

Ongoing Treatment

Our therapists are trained in highly effective treatment methods to help clients meet their goals. The length of treatment depends on your needs and can range from short-term (a few sessions) to longer-term (multiple months). Your therapist will work with you to tailor your treatment to your unique situation and goals. The majority of our clients are highly satisfied with the care they receive at Inside Passage and a high number of clients describe their therapy experience as “very helpful” or “life-changing.”

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