Recommended Reading and Resources.

Find recommended reading and resources related to the therapeutic methods that guide my therapy practice.  

and Resources.

Find recommended reading and resources related to the therapeutic methods that guide my therapy practice.

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

The research is now clearer than ever before: Emotion is the messenger of love. In order to connect with the ones that matter most, we must learn how to send a clear and consistent emotional signal. Healthy relationships not only need emotional connection, they require it. 

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), one of the world’s leading therapeutic methods, helps couples learn, not only to become more open and trusting with each other, but also to reach out for one another more effectively.

Based on the neuroscience of attachment and emotion, EFT is an evidence-based, empirically validated approach to therapy that helps couples and families de-escalate patterns of conflict and restructure their relationships.

By focusing on the deeper emotional aspects of relationships and conflicts, EFT helps couples break out of toxic patterns and have new corrective emotional experiences.

Meeting the gold standards for outcome study research, standards set by the American Psychological Association, studies show that 70 to 75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% show significant improvements. 16 outcome studies show changes in the brain’s response to fear following EFT Couples Therapy.

Suggested Reading and Resources for EFT

Guided by Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, this is a powerful workshop will help you:

  • Improve your relationship by strengthening your bond 
  • Create better conflict resolution and positive problem solving as well as co-operation around key issues such as financial difficulties or parenting
  • Maintain better mental health – less depression, less anxiety

What is Internal Family Systems Therapy? (IFS)

Have you ever experienced something like this: “a part of me” would really like to get really angry at my boss, while “another part of me” just wants to hide in the corner and avoid confrontation? Or perhaps, “a part of me” is a purist health nut while “another part of me” loves binge watching Netflix, eating Ben and Jerry’s, and drinking beer? 
Modern neuroscience confirms that we all experience this multiplicity of mind.

The Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) is a transformative and evidence-based model of psychotherapy develped by Dr. Richard Schwartz in the 1980s. It’s a collaborative, non-pathologizing therapy that helps clients to understand the different parts of their personalities, develop a respectful, compassionate relationship with their different parts, and heal and unburden traumatized parts that are stuck in the past.

IFS has received notoriety for its effectiveness as a mindfulness-based trauma therapy. Lauded by world renowned trauma experts such as Daniel Siegel, MD and Bessel van der Kolk, MD, IFS has “changed the way that therapy is practiced.” 

I have found that IFS is the most powerful and effective approach to individual psychotherapy. 

Recommended Reading and Resources for IFS

Read about the evolution of The Internal Family Systems Model by Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph. D.

IFS is 100% research-based. Delve into the extensive studies around PTSD and Depression. 

What is Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

Combining the knowledge and wisdom of 40 years of studies and clinical practice, Gottman Method Couples Therapy helps couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationships. 

Through research-based interventions and exercises based on empirical data based  from Dr. John Gottman’s study of more than 3,000 couples, Gottman Method is a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically-based. The Gottman Method is designed to support couples across all economic, racial, sexual orientation, and cultural sectors. Outcome research has shown Gottman Method Couples Therapy to be effective for treating same-sex relationships. Some of the relationship issues that may be addressed in therapy include:
  • Frequent conflict and arguments
  • Poor communication
  • Emotionally distanced couples on the verge of separation
  • Specific problems such as sexual difficulties, infidelity, money, and parenting
Even couples with “normal” levels of conflict may benefit from the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Gottman-trained therapists aim to help couples build stronger relationships overall and healthier ways to cope with issues as they arise in the future.

Acclaimed books and resources for Gottman Method

Are you ready for lasting connection with yourself and your partner?