Walk-and-Talk Therapy

Increase your sense of connectedness, belonging and personal worth through Walk-and-Talk Therapy.

Do you love being in nature?

Walk-and-Talk Therapy, a Nature-based Therapy, is a therapeutic approach that combines the low-impact exercise of walking outdoors with traditional talk therapy.

Restructuring the therapeutic interaction of typical face to face talk therapy, your therapist will walk side by side with you in nature. Creating a more conversational approach to a traditional therapy session, they will guide you to cultivate a mindful relationship with your thoughts and habits through movement. 

Walk-and-Talk Therapy activates different parts of our brains, engaging our senses in the sights, sounds, smells, and tactile experience of walking. This includes bilateral stimulation – a mode of brain activity that calms us. 

As client and therapist move through the world together, clients have the opportunity to derive meaning from what they see in nature, helping them resolve unhelpful patterns in their lives. Nature offers us metaphors that can help us reimagine our own lives. 

What to Expect in Walk-and-Talk Therapy at Inside Passage Relationship Counseling

Inside Passage couples therapists are trained in Walk-and-Talk Therapy to support your journey toward a happier, healthier life. 

Initial Consultation
& Assessment

During the initial consultation, your therapist will explain the concept of Walk and Talk Therapy, including its benefits and logistics. During this time your therapist will evaluate whether this approach is the recommended approach for you, taking into consideration factors such as physical health, mobility, comfort with outdoor settings, and therapeutic goals.

Planning and Preparation

Together, we will set clear therapeutic goals and discuss what you hope to achieve through Walk and Talk Therapy. We will then identify safe, accessible, and relatively private outdoor locations that are conducive to walking and talking. This could include parks, trails, or quiet neighborhoods. Finally, we will agree on practical details such as meeting points, weather contingencies, appropriate attire, and session duration.

the Sessions

We will begin each session with a
brief warm-up discussion to
check in on your current state and
set the tone for the session.
We will then establish a comfortable walking pace that allows for conversation without
causing physical strain or

Conducting Sessions

Your therapist will facilitate the session as they would in a traditional setting, using therapeutic techniques and interventions appropriate for your needs.Your therapist is prepared to adapt the session based on your responses and any environmental factors. Sometimes, the natural surroundings can be integrated into the therapy process. For example, discussing feelings while observing nature or using metaphors related to the environment.

Concluding a Session

Towards the end of the walk, we will gradually transition to a slower pace or a stationary discussion to reflect on the session’s insights and progress. Summarizing the key points discussed during the session, we will review any progress made, and set objectives or tasks for the next session.

Follow Up

Your therapist will reach out for feedback regarding your experience, including what you found helpful and what areas might need improvement so that they can adjust accordingly and based on the therapeutic goals.

“My experience with Inside Passage is life-changing and positively powerful! So much so that others are excited about the changes they are seeing.”


Walk-and-Talk Therapy Successfully helps:

Lasting change requires the right intervention with the right guide.

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“There is something about being out in nature that helps my nervous system relax enough to actually access what’s going on inside me.”


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